Your one-to-one radio presenter training (along with our other radio training courses) takes place on a broadcast system previously used for outside broadcasts and as a backup facility by a full-time commercial radio station.

  • 100% one-to-one coaching, by radio professionals, for clients aged 18 and over.
  • A one-day course, run at your speed, so you won’t get kicked out at 5pm!
  • Receive a professionally produced demo of your day’s work!
  • Learn the key skills required to become a great radio presenter!
  • Find out what radio station PCs and Managers are looking for on that all important demo and gain advice on looking for work in radio.

With our radio presenter training workshop, you’ll receive around thirty pages of training notes/practice props and a certificate of attendance. If you like, we’ll also email you some weather and travel jingles, for you to do further practice script reading, at home. You can also opt to receive a professionally produced demo, within around seven days. All weaved together by one of our team of Radio Demo Editors, who have bags of radio presenter experience.We have close contact with a network of professionals within both the UK and European radio industry, who may want to hear from you, after using our services!

Our training modules are constantly accessed, to ensure that they are reflecting the current thinking of the UK radio industry. We want you to achieve your goal!

Our training days can be intensive. But, we believe that we offer real value for money in these difficult times. We don’t try to ‘spin out’ over several days, what can be achieved in one (sometimes longish!) day. But, remember – we work at your pace, to ease any pressure. If you are still with us at 9pm – no problem and no extra charge. We are pretty unique in this working. That’s why ‘Radio Today’ owner, Roy Martin, recommends us!

Rashid Bhana and Alison Glen explore the Myriad playout system

So, you want to work in radio! Or, perhaps, you already work on radio, but want to improve your skills.

Either way, The Radio Surgery offers you high quality radio presenter training courses that reflect the thinking of today’s radio industry. Delivered by seasoned UK radio professionals.

Learn how to structure a radio show, prepare good show content, make your content relevant to the listener, keep your listeners hooked for longer, what makes a great demo… and loads more!

With our one-to-one radio presenter training course, we work with the individual client, at their own pace. So, you won’t get kicked out at 5pm! One price… an open-ended (one-day) duration. That’s what makes us pretty unique!

If you’d like to read what our past clients have to say, just check out our testimonials. Oh! Don’t forget our other services: demo (showreel) production, show appraisals and digital editing.

Emma Barker on the guest mic, looked on by Jil Moorehead

Over the years, we’ve helped people with either little or no radio experience make that first step onto the ladder. Others have already been working in radio, but wanted to brush up their skills.

You may be a pub or nightclub DJ, working on hospital or community radio, or have never touched a mixing desk in your life! Whichever, we can help you learn the skills that make good radio presentation, by coming along to one of our radio presenter training courses. Skills that will not only help you get work in radio, but keep it. Remember, once you have got a gig, there will be hundreds wanting to take your place! Our radio broadcasting courses will show you just what is deemed by the industry professionals as making good radio, the do’s and don’ts, interviewing and script reading skills. Plus a whole lot more, all packaged into one day. It’s intensive, it’s fun… it’s a positive step in developing your radio career.

The one-to-one, one-day, session is tailored to your needs and effectively run as a radio presenter training workshop. So if you already know how a mixer operates, we spend more time on other matters.

Our training notes have been given the thumbs up by radio presenters independent of The Radio Surgery. People that have worked on a host of UK and overseas radio stations.

Isabelle Lawrence – London

“I learnt so much more than I imagined. The guidance is priceless. Even if you have some radio experience, The Radio Surgery course helps you with vital key skills and allows you to work on your own ideas for show content. But, they will also advise you if they think your ideas are not quite right. I am really pleased with the demo mix and also the comments that Steve made. Thanks very much. I will definitely stay in touch!” – Isabelle Lawrence

You may have typed in ‘radio dj courses’ on your search… But remember, radio stations are looking for presenters, not DJ’s! They are looking for someone who can not only play the songs, but string them together with something that forms an emotive link with the listener.

If you are the type of person who always has something to say, can chat about a host of subjects, are the sort of person that people would like to have a natter with at the pub, or around the work coffee machine… you’re on the right road! Even if you’re a bit reserved, our radio presenter training course is designed to look at both your weak and strong areas. So, we’ll try and help you overcome any issues.

It’s easy to look on the web for radio presentation tips, but the best way to move forward is through face-to-face coaching.

Cal Sarwar – Falkirk

“I just want to thank you for a great day. The course was thoroughly enjoyable, well set out and easy to follow. Your no pressure approach was very refreshing to see and experience. I learned a lot in such a short time and I believe that it will be invaluable for years to come. Just to let you know that Awaz FM, in Glasgow, have offered me the breakfast show…” – Cal Sarwar

“After seeing the course content, I have to say, there are many working full-time in radio, who would benefit from this course! It’s also a great starting point for anyone wanting to get their first foot on the radio ladder. Very well structured, with bags of tips and skills advice.” – Roy Martin, Radio Today


Doing our bit for charity

Congratulations and a big thank you to Darryl Fraser! Darryl bid £140 for a one-to-one radio presenter training course in a 2BR annual charity auction. His money helped Pendleside Hospice and other local charities.

“Thanks for a great day”, says Jason Hargraves. Jason bid for one of our radio courses in an auction, to raise money for the mayor of Burnley’s charity appeal.

The mayor himself was almost tempted to come along and ‘have a go!’

Jason bid £60 and so bagged himself a bargain and at the same time helped a number of charities.