Here’s how our radio show appraisal service works…

You send us a maximum of ten links, either from one of your radio shows, or simply made up. You can email them to us, or post, on a (non-returnable) CD.

One of our Radio Show Appraisers will then give you feed-back for each of your links. Looking at the positives, pointing out the weaker areas and (if required) giving suggestions as to how it could have been done better.

For clients aged 18 and over, this is an inexpensive way of making sure that you are on the right track with your show content, style and approach.

Between them, our Radio Show Appraisers have worked on a host of radio stations, both in the UK and abroad. They know what makes good radio and just what Station Managers/PCs are wanting to hear.

£60 (no VAT) if you attend our one-to-one radio presenter course. £75 (no VAT) – standard price.