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The best marketing people will often give something away for nothing.  It gains you access to an audience.  Engage that audience and you are on your way to further branding of your business and more potential business.  Your business doesn't have to be a unique concept.  It's gaining the audience and engaging them that is far more important than the creative concept factor.

With BBC and commercial radio, along with rapidly expanding community and Internet radio, now has never been a better time to market your business through radio.  Radio stations are always looking for new material - especially if it's being offered free! 

Our half-day Radio Means Business! course is designed to show you how you can get free marketing on UK radio - thus giving you the advantage over your competitors.  In the past, we've trained people with a multiplicity of career backgrounds - including: legal, medical, finance, life coaching, leadership coaching, management training, customer services training and acting.  We'll show how you can turn your knowledge into engaging material for a wide audience.

If we don't believe that we can do that for your particular business, we'll be honest and tell you that the course isn't for you.

We'll look at one-off radio station guest options and also how to make regular contributions.  Plus, how to make yourself the first point of contact by radio station news teams, when a relevant news story breaks.

Whichever way forward is best for you, it's important to be confident and have some broadcasting skills.  Being able to confidently communicate in front of a live audience is fine - but 'dry up' on a live microphone, or read from a script in a monotone way and you're unlikely to be asked back!  

On the subject of good script reading; away from radio broadcasting, this is also important for audio Podcasts.  People want to hear something engaging, colourful and with inflection.

On the day we'll start off by discussing your business and the way forward, using radio as a free marketing tool.  Then it's onto showing you the radio studio equipment.  This will give you an understanding of how a radio presenter airs the music, jingles, news items and adverts.  With this knowledge you will feel less nervous when you are on the air yourself.  'How it all works' will no longer be a mystery and this will reflect in your broadcasting confidence.  Yes, we'll give you the opportunity to briefly operate the equipment yourself - if you wish!

Later we'll be looking at script reading and how to make it sound natural.  Being a studio guest, or taking part in an interview elsewhere, can be a daunting thought for people with no real experience.  We'll help you gain confidence through role-play.  Remember, it's a safe environment as the course is one-to-one.  So, no other course members to make you feel nervous and embarrassed!

As we head towards the end of the course, we'll record some of our role-play.  This will be edited and emailed to you, along with an appraisal.  Of course, the recordings can be used when you approach radio stations initially.

On the day, you will leave with advice notes, a course certificate and an action plan for the way forward.

We'll aim to answer all your questions on the day - but if we cant, we have a team of radio professionals to call on!

All this for just 135 (no VAT)!

Both weekday and weekend radio training courses are available to clients aged 18 or over.  The course is run on a date which is convenient for both the client and ourselves.  Mornings (10am - approx 13:00) and afternoons (14:00 - approx 17:00) are available.  The course includes on-going refreshments.

We recognise that clients may not wish their competitors to be aware of them attending this course - so, of course, confidentiality by us is 100%.  If you do wish to give us a testimonial, that's fine.  But, you might want to get your 'foot in the door' first!

To book, or for more information, simply call us on 01282 452 451,   or e-mail us:

 Remember, we don't guarantee you radio work...

             But radio professionals will show you the way forward!


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