Our radio demo production packages are designed to produce a 3 to 4-minute demo, containing all the key elements that radio stations are looking for.

It may be that you’ve been on our one-to-one radio presenter training course, got some work, but now want to beef up your radio demo. Or, perhaps you’re already a paid presenter, who simply wants a more up-to-date radio demo. Either way, we’re here to help you!

You often have only one shot when submitting your radio demo, for paid work. Get it wrong and it’s quite likely that any subsequent ones will be pushed down the pile for listening to.

We do not tell you what to say during the radio demo production. That MUST come from you. We could get you to record a fantastic demo using great links, created by us. Assuming that your voice is fine, what happens when the radio station invites you in and asks you to do another demo, in-house?! In other words, the radio demo has to be YOUR skills, but under guidance.

If you are already on-air, we would normally advise that we produce a radio demo from links off an existing show that you present. However, it may be that you aren’t currently on air, or you would rather create new links, under our guidance. Whatever, The Radio Surgery can help you in a number of ways. We offer two options, for clients aged 18 and over…



We’ll talk to you beforehand and give you advice on what you should include in your demo. During the studio session, you’ll have time for some practice, before recording some links. We aim to record more than is actually needed and pass these links onto one of our team of Radio Demo Editors. These radio professionals, between them, have worked on a host of UK and overseas radio stations and know what ticks the boxes as regards a quality demo. Your assigned Radio Demo Editor will decide which links are best and edit it all into a professional demo/showreel for you, along with giving you an appraisal.

£150 (no VAT) if you attend our one-to-one radio presenter course. £175 (no VAT) – standard price.



You send us the links. More than is needed! We advise you on what content to include. We then arrange for one of our Radio Demo Editors to choose the best links, edit and produce your radio presentation demo, along with giving you an appraisal.

£75 (no VAT) if you attend our one-to-one radio presenter course. £100 (no VAT) – standard price.


Remember… we don’t guarantee you radio work… But we can give you more help than working alone!

“I approached The Radio Surgery after having created a few demos myself, which I was unhappy with. I was worried that no-one would ever get to hear my work as I wouldn’t have a good enough demo to showcase. Plus, all the options I explored for getting some professional help with it seemed extremely expensive. It was at this point that I found The Radio Surgery.

Not only were they very reasonably priced, but they produced two demos for me and didn’t charge any extra. They were also extremely helpful in terms of explaining the process and keeping me updated about what was going on. In addition, the advice about what should and should not be included left me with a set of demos that I’m extremely happy with. Demos that I would have been unable to produce myself.

The turnaround time was also only a few days, despite the fact they were making two demos and I’d sent around 2 hours of material!

I’d recommend The Radio Surgery to any presenter who wants a slick, professional demo that still showcases their unique style.

Joe Forrester – 2011 – Breakfast Presenter – 91.8 Hayes FM (