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One-to-One Radio Presenter Training Courses

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"After seeing the course content, I have to say, there are many working full-time in radio, who would benefit from this course!  It's also a great starting point for anyone wanting to get their first foot on the radio ladder.  Very well structured, with bags of tips and skills advice."



Our one-to-one radio presenter training course is 100% geared to your needs.  No competing for studio time with other students.  The day is for you only!  Indeed, we tailor the course to fit your requirements.  This ensures that you get the very best attention and knowledge.  Each session usually lasts 7/8 hours - with a light lunch, late afternoon snack and on-going refreshments included - and is aimed at the following people:

  • Those with no radio experience at all.

  • Hospital / student / RSL / community / local radio presenters, wishing to either make a move up the radio ladder, or simply wanting to enhance their current skills.

  • Pub and night-club DJs, who want to see if they can make the move across.

With personal tuition from a seasoned radio professional, your radio presenter training course begins by talking you through the radio studio equipment.  After the initial guided tour of the equipment (and all the technical terms!), you have some time for hands-on experience.  Then we look at what makes a good radio presenter and what current Station Managers and Programme Controllers are looking for.  Plus, how to compile show prep, broadcast good links, script read and interview.  Lots of do's and don'ts!  We then move on to coaching you through script reading and general links.  Pointing out your weak areas and looking at the stronger points.

With the radio presenter training course being run in 'workshop' style, and totally devoted to you, the actual duration of the course depends upon your ability and indeed how many questions you may have!  Indeed, we've spent over nine hours with students, on a number of occasions.  Whatever the duration, the fee is the same!  We believe that we are one of the few UK radio training providers that offers this service.

It's not just presentation skills that you'll learn:  Hear what Station Managers and PCs are looking for on that all important demo.  You usually only have one shot, so get it right first time!

We also give you guidance notes from a senior member of the radio industry.  Compiled purely for The Radio Surgery!

You'll leave with around thirty pages of training notes/practice props, along with a certificate of attendance.  Plus, you'll also receive some weather and travel jingles, to practice with at home!

We offer two versions of our popular one-day course:

As above, plus we record 2 or 3 sample links on the day.  These are then forwarded onto you, along with an appraisal of your current skill level.  This option, may be of interest to those already working within the radio industry, or other DJs.  With this option, you can look at making your demo at a later stage, or using your own facilities.  The cost here is an affordable investment of 175 (no VAT).

Option two gives you the works!  Here, we cover all of the above - except we record a mock radio show (up to an hour), instead of some sample links.  We'll then forward on to you a professionally produced demo.  The best links from your mock radio show, all weaved together by one of our Radio Demo Editors.  In addition, you'll also receive an appraisal of your current skill level.  The cost?  All this for just 250 (no VAT)!

Both weekday and weekend radio training courses are available to clients aged 18 or over.  The course is run on a date which is convenient for both the client and ourselves.



The above courses can also be run in the studios of 2BR and The Bee.  In August 2010 the two East Lancashire radio stations co-located to brand new facilities, near the M65.  For an additional premium, take a look around the complex, visit the on air studios and take our one-day course in the production studio!  This upgrade is only available at weekends and is priced at just 100 (no VAT) extra.

Note: The playout system used on this option is Master Control, not Myriad.

                 The production studio for 2BR and The Bee


To book, or for more information, simply call us on 01282 452 451, or e-mail us:


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