Some comments from just a small sample of the many people using The Radio Surgery each year for our radio presenter training courses, Radio Journalism courses, digital editing workshops and demo production services. Just scroll down to see more testimonials.


Michael Graveston – Burnley

I am a graduate with both an FdA in Acting and BA Hons in Broadcasting, Film and Communication. It’s hard for graduates to get a job and I came out with the attitude that I should be handed a job as a right of passage – before realising that wasn’t the case! The Radio Surgery most definitely gave me a more specific direction to head in (radio presenting) – so for that I thank you.

After realising that radio presenting was the direction I wanted to take, I spent time volunteering with hospital and community radio; along with doing behind-the-scenes and promotional work with Lancashire’s 2BR and The Bee. Most of this was unpaid work and I really had to plug at it.

After nine months of dedication, I’ve finally been rewarded with paid on-air work on UKRD station The Bee. Thanks again for your workshop, which put me on the right track!

Note: Michael hit the airwaves of Lancashire station The Bee after being given the Saturday and Sunday morning shows. He’s also been recruited by Inrix – suppliers of travel information to the radio industry. It was apparent during the workshop that Michael has talent and we wish him well with his career!


Kyle Rickards – Rochdale

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in radio. David’s communications prior to the training were clear, concise and extremely helpful in actually attending!

The first part of the day introduced me to the Myriad playout system and was extremely interesting. Secondly, David covered techniques along with some very helpful pointers. Lastly, we recorded some links which would be used as the basis of a demo.

I found David to be warm, supportive and engaging throughout. Whilst it was a long day, the commitment and guidance was invaluable. Training notes and materials were provided (along with lunch!).

As said in the opening, I think that a lot of people would enjoy and gain much from this course, on many many levels.

Note: Kyle came to The Radio Surgery eager to learn the basics of good radio broadcasting. As a new-comer to the world of radio, he was taken through the operation of a mixer and our chosen playout system – Myriad. Then we got into the main learning zone; what makes a good radio presenter and how to create engaging and relevant content.

Kyle is also considering producing podcasts. Many of the skills he learnt and practised on the day are transferable to creating good quality podcasts.

Our one-day radio presenter workshop is always adapted to take account of the client’s current skill level and their needs – from novice to those already working in the industry, be it on a voluntary or paid basis.


Carly Hordern – London

From the moment I got in touch with David at The Radio Surgery I was met with a highly professional and efficient service.

David went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable and happy throughout the day.

I had no prior knowledge about radio or presenting, but walked away feeling confident, satisfied and that I got far more than my money’s worth!

Well worth the drive up from London.

Note: Carly has lived in the UK for some seven years, having left her native Australia. Although she works as a club DJ she does little mic work and concentrates on mixing the tracks. Carly came to us to learn radio presenting skills and for us to produce a demo show reel for her.

Despite her lack of experience on a microphone Carly is a natural for radio! A great voice, correct inflection and most importantly she talks to people – not at them.


Ian Boyle – London

I recently attended a one day radio presenting course. David was my tutor and it was a memorable and knowledgeable day.

I learned so much (I am a complete novice) – such as how to introduce material, keep the listener entertained and to keep them tuned into the station for longer. Also, tips on how best to get my message across – as if I were talking one-to-one with the listener. I would highly recommend David and The Radio Surgery if you wish to become a radio presenter.

I also now have a well produced demo, which I can send to various stations and which will aid me in my quest to become a radio presenter. Thanks David.

Note: After 40 years of living in the UK, Ian is heading back to his roots in Ireland. He has experience as an MC and Toastmaster, but radio is a new world to him. Having completed the training, Ian’s ambition is to gain work on a community station in Donegal and we wish him well. It was great to hear that despite other trainers being nearer to him – Ian felt we offered the best value for money and our website appeared very friendly!


Mark Levine – Harrogate

I’m an aspiring radio presenter and despite over five years of amateur radio and work experience, I am yet to break into the professional circuit. I did have old demos, which I have sent out before. However, it became obvious to me that I needed to produce new ones, to give myself the best opportunity. I came to The Radio Surgery and the whole experience was brilliant. David was professional and approachable. We worked hard together – to produce the best possible demos – and I do firmly believe that I have a better chance of fulfilling my goals due to his guidance.

I don’t believe that any DJ is too seasoned to learn new things, or to hone their skills. As such, the time I spent with David was invaluable, for the advice he gave me from his years of experience. It may not be 100% certain that I will become a professional – but at least, with The Radio Surgery’s help, my chances have been improved.

Note: Mark spent a good number of hours with us on our ‘Radio Demo Day’ service – producing material for two separate demos. Each targeting a different demographic. We advised him on the type of links to include, which would ‘tick the boxes’. To make an impact, you need to show that you understand what makes good radio. Anyone can string a few tunes together and make a few comments between the tracks. That’s where we come in. We advise you what to include in your demo and then get the links mixed in what we believe to be the most powerful order. Mark shows great potential and we wish him well!


Helen Midgley – Craven College, Skipton, North Yorkshire

I’m a Journalism lecturer at a FE College and was looking for some industry specific training in Radio Journalism. Wow, did this course deliver. 7hrs of one-to-one training from incredibly experienced, supportive and humorous hosts – big thanks to David & Scott. The quality of training, equipment and knowledge was second to none and it has definitely added an extra dimension to my teaching.

I’ve even been able to adapt some of the resources I came away with for use in the classroom and my students certainly got a buzz out of hearing my demos! If you’re looking for top notch training and current industry expertise then I can’t recommend ‘The Radio Surgery’ enough.

Note: Our Radio Journalism course aims to give you an introduction to the world of news gathering for radio. Ideal for educational staff, students (aged 18 and over), print journalists, or simply radio presenters with a nose for news! We employ fully qualified radio journalists, such as Scott Read. See Scott, above, reporting for BBC Radio Lancashire.


Madeleine Darbyshire – Yarm

Thank you for such a fantastic day! I didn’t expect to be spending over 10 hours in the studio, but every minute was worthwhile.

David is a great teacher, with masses of experience, and the advice he gives is absolutely invaluable. Steve’s guidance and encouragement meant I came away with a demo that I’m really proud of. Plus, it’s great to be able to refer to the book of notes and practise with the jingles you sent me whenever I like.

With the knowledge and confidence the day gave me, I’m excited about where I could end up in the next few years!

Note: Madeleine attended our one-to-one radio presenter training day and decided to book the ‘up-grade‘ option. Her training therefore took place in the production studio of 2BR/The Bee, rather than our home-based studio. Madeleine is now intending to apply for a place on a MA in Radio course, based in the north-east.


Rob Corbett – Toronto, Canada

I’m a producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation national radio news service in Toronto (writing here in a personal capacity).

I’m frequently back in the UK to see my family. I don’t use Adobe Audition 3.0 at work, but thought I’d buy it to help with projects where I occasionally produce material, from home, for National Public Radio in the USA, BBC World Service and BBC national networks.

So, during a visit to the UK, I went to see the guys at The Radio Surgery, for some Audition training. Steve – the trainer – was superb and I’m now confident on Audition. David could not have been kinder, or more welcoming. Highly recommended if you need to know Audition. Thanks guys.

Note: Despite many years in Canada, Rob still hasn’t lost his British accent! Always hold on to your biggest asset is what we say!


Gargi Kaur – London

Once you have decided that you want to get training as a radio presenter, the next thing you worry about (because, as we know, there is a recession on) is the cost of training.

I decided to research trainers up and down the country and I talked to them all. I am London based and chose David, because he was the nicest, really experienced, offered demo production, feedback on my radio voice and free post training advice. He delivered 200% and a lot more.

David spent lots of time with me and took things at a good pace. There is a lot to take in. But, when you get the chance to practise, he will repeat things as many times as you want… so you DO get it.

I have now used the training to set up a business with an animator, to produce short videos for kids and another working with women… instead of doing radio immediately.

I shouldn’t say this, but I felt when I was doing my research, some other trainers seemed quite happy to take my money and kick me out of the door after the allocated time. Regardless about whether I needed more time. You will never get this with The Radio Surgery!

Note: We like to be flexible and offered to split the training over two days, at no extra cost. This allowed Gargi to travel from London and have some training on her arrival day. After a pleasant stay in local accommodation, Gargi resumed training the next morning, before heading back to London in the afternoon. If this option would work better for you, just ask us. It won’t cost you a penny more!


Ron Jones – Wolverhampton

If you are serious about becoming a radio presenter, you could not do better than spend a day at The Radio Surgery. You will get loads of invaluable tips and plenty of hands-on experience. What David doesn’t know about radio presentation simply isn’t worth knowing! If you go for the top package you will also get the best possible demo from your day’s work!

Note: Initially, Ron had just set his sights on a specific online radio station for his very first radio work. Having heard his showreel demo, he has been inspired to also look into possible community radio work, as a foot on the ladder. Ron has a great voice and hopefully he will soon be on air with a station!


Martin Reynolds – Cheshire

I attended one of your radio presenting courses some years ago now. You suggested that I work in community radio. Following on from a stint at Flame Christian and Community Radio, in Birkenhead, I featured as a trialist for The Cat, here in Nantwich. I am delighted to say that I have been presenting two hours of eclectic music each week for the past year. Being ambitious, I have today applied for work experience at BBC Radio Stoke. I wanted to thank you for your professional help and advice and to let you know that all your hard work has born fruit.


Craig Davis – Stockport

I have an aim to be a presenter on an online community radio station, which will hopefully launch later this year.

Working with The Radio Surgery put me at ease throughout the whole day. It was also great that you passed on your technical knowledge of the Myriad and AutoTracks systems. Your down-to-earth, but very insightful, manner has definitely inspired me to continue.

Note: A pharmacist by profession, Craig is now using our training notes at home: practicing with the sample script reads and creating his own ideas for good, relevant, show ‘links’. Practise now should ensure that his show gets off to a cracking start later in the year!


John Corbett – Accrington

Hi David.

Thursday was an absolutely fantastic day on your radio training programme. From the minute I arrived you put me at ease, till the time I left you. I learnt so much in the time I was there.

At one point in the day I thought I was banging my head against a wall. But, you talked me through everything in such detail that by the end I think I knew what to say and when to say it.

If there is anybody out there thinking they would like to ‘do’ radio then I would recommend your course to them.

Thank you.

Note: John has been DJing for 14 years and wanted to know if radio was another area that he could turn his hand to. DJ skills and radio presentation skills are very different – but John adapted to this well and now has a demo to help him get his first foot in the door!

May 2011 – John has called us to say that after submitting his demo, he’s been taken on board by Bolton FM. Well done!


Joe Forrester – 91.8 Hayes FM

I approached The Radio Surgery after having created a few demos myself, which I was unhappy with. I was worried that no-one would ever get to hear my work as I wouldn’t have a good enough demo to showcase. Plus, all the options I explored for getting some professional help with it seemed extremely expensive. It was at this point that I found The Radio Surgery.

Not only were they very reasonably priced, but they produced two demos for me and didn’t charge any extra. They were also extremely helpful in terms of explaining the process and keeping me updated about what was going on. In addition, the advice about what should and should not be included left me with a set of demos that I’m extremely happy with. Demos that I would have been unable to produce myself.

The turnaround time was also only a few days, despite the fact they were making two demos and I’d sent around 2 hours of material!

I’d recommend The Radio Surgery to any presenter who wants a slick, professional demo that still showcases their unique style.

Joe Forrester – Breakfast Presenter

91.8 Hayes FM (www.hayesfm.org)

Note: Joe co-presents 91.8 Hayes FM’s breakfast show with Harry Seal. We wish them both well!


Simon Bower – Sheffield

The course was great… so much to learn. Getting my hands on a ‘real’ studio made things so much clearer and easier to understand. As did working with radio station ‘sweepers’ etc. The nine hours went by so quickly and listening to the radio on the journey home, I could appreciate how shows are constructed and critically analyse the presenter’s style and links. I have already practised my own links and I can see they have improved already. I look forward to returning and making a demo in a few weeks.

Note: Simon has a lot of experience in appearing on radio and TV, when called to discuss his specialist subject. However, he had no experience of actually presenting his own radio show. He has a great voice and has already been offered a trial show on a BBC local radio station.


Kate White – Chorley

The Radio Demo Day was great. David let me practise beforehand, to get used to the Myriad system again. I was made to feel welcome and really enjoyed myself. The final product, edited and mixed was very professional and I received it within only a couple of days! A great experience and I would definitely recommend The Radio Surgery’s services.

Note: It was a return visit for Kate, following her one-to-one training with us last year. After getting some community radio broadcasting experience under her belt, she came back to record a demo and sounded excellent!


Kevin Healey – Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society

A very interesting and informative day! It opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes. I shall take the skills learnt on the day and transfer them to benefit both the charity and the service users. I would most certainly recommend this course.

Note: Kevin is chairman of SAAS. The charity is hoping to launch its own Internet radio station later this year. Kevin came along to learn the skills that make a great broadcaster and in turn a great radio station! We wish the society well with their funding bid. Check them out at www.saas.uk.com


Stephen Rochefort – Leek

A very good day! I got out of it, everything that I wanted to. Ideal for anyone who wants to improve their radio broadcasting skills and a great starting point for those people who have little, or no, radio experience. The voice training and general presentation tips were great.

Note: Stephen broadcasts on Moorlands Radio, under his ‘stage’ name. He was particularly interested in knowing more about the Myriad system, as the station will be adopting the playout system later in the year.


Anne Parker – Poulton-le-Fylde

I found the radio training course to be fascinating. There seems to be nothing that David doesn’t know about local commercial radio and his passion for best practice in the industry is clear to see. The day was very well structured and packed with information. David is keen to give you as much as you want to know and can absorb. He runs the sessions with great professionalism and enthusiasm. I would heartily recommend this experience to anyone, there is much to be learned!

Note: Anne runs her own training business, specialising in management and customer service skills. With no radio experience, Anne certainly found the day interesting and is now looking to use her radio skills for podcasting on her website www.anneparker.co.uk


Steve Burnett – Midlothian

Thoroughly enjoyed it! I took away a lot of learning points from the course, which will hopefully make me a better radio presenter. Link content and speed of delivery were key points for me. It was also very interesting to see an alternative playout system, to the one that I currently use.

Note: Steve has worked at Black Diamond FM for three years, having been introduced to the world of radio by a friend. He’s now keen to use the new skills within his shows on the radio station. Later, he hopes to use our Radio Show Appraisal service.


Keith Gunson – Liverpool

I found it extremely useful. The most fun I’ve had in years! I’ve always wanted to do this since aged 14, but lost my way a bit. Having been advised to take some training, for the band’s pirate radio show, it’s proved invaluable. If you want to get your foot on the ladder, get into hospital, or community radio. Just do it! I would definitely recommend it!

Note: Keith is a member of the Liverpool based band Caroline 199. The band, along with Radio London, present a multi-media show, which traces the history of 1960s pirate radio. The band themselves have appeared over 80 times at the world famous Cavern Club! Check out their website at www.caroline199.co.uk


Muhammad Naveed Iqbal – Sheffield

The one-to-one radio presenter course was a great experience! All my questions were answered. Usually, before I asked them! A very well structured course and being one-to-one, it was geared to my own ability. I sent the sample links to my brother and he didn’t realise that it was me! Definitely, the credit goes to you, David, for that! In addition, the training has enabled me to broadcast a show on BCR 103.1 FM!

Note: Muhammad has just completed a Masters in Banking and Finance. He is now looking to work full-time within banking or commerce. But, like many of us, radio is in his blood and he wishes to pursue some part-time, or voluntary, radio work. With this mind, he has been actively looking at hospital and community radio stations in his immediate and surrounding area… with success!


David and Graham Collins – Ellesmere Port

(From Graham) Many thanks for your patience and time. The day was fantastic. Having done some hospital radio work, I wanted to look at the computer playout system and hear about the latest thoughts and policies of the radio industry. Plus, at the same time, get my son, David, trained up with the skills of being a good radio presenter. He’s already involved with Internet radio, but wants to progress further. The day got us both much more focused and in control.

Note: The ‘one-to-one’ radio training course can be delivered to a maximum of two clients at a time. Whilst it is technically no longer one-to-one, we do incorporate individual coaching, recordings and appraisals. The day is, of course, longer. We offer this two person option at a special price of just £300 (no VAT). Just £150 per client.


Kate White – Chorley

I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot from it. David was great and answered all my questions, before I asked them! Working on show content was very useful and the Myriad playout system was so easy to use. I would recommend the training course to anyone who wants to get work in radio, or brush up their current skills. Great lunch by the way! I can’t wait to do my demo!

Note: As part of a local radio station’s ‘Street Team’, Kate has got the radio bug! She’s now practicing the skills and will be back to record her demo!


Rhiannon Dawson – Perth

I found the course really useful and particularly enjoyed practicing the weather and travel scripts. The training was conducted in a professional manner and it was very interesting to use the Myriad playout system and learn some of its abilities.

Note: Aged 15, Rhiannon landed a programme on Ross FM – a temporary radio project, run by MFR. More recently, she has been given help and advice by Heartland FM and is keen to get back behind the microphone, with current radio industry skills.


Nigel Cotton – Alderley Edge

A very informative course and good fun! The time really flew. As someone with no radio experience, this training course provided me with my first great steps into the world of radio!

Note: An accountant by trade, Nigel also has a thriving DJ business. He is now looking to practise the skills he learnt from the course and get on the air. Be it voluntary, or paid. Down the line, Nigel will be taking up one of our two radio demo options.


Isabelle Lawrence – London

I learnt so much more than I imagined. The guidance is priceless. Even if you have some radio experience, The Radio Surgery course helps you with vital key skills and allows you to work on your own ideas for show content. But, they will also advise you if they think your ideas are not quite right. I am really pleased with the demo mix and also the comments that Steve made. Thanks very much. I will definitely stay in touch!

Note: Isabelle spent two days with us. The first being our one-to-one radio presenter course and the following day recording her radio demo. Isabelle needed a demo quickly and sounded great. We wish her well!


Oliver Kester – London

A good overall technical tour of what you need to know as a radio presenter. Also, how to present a radio show, using current radio industry skills. A very useful day!

Note: Oliver’s background is film and television, but he is soon to work in far-east radio. Whilst in Britain, he braved ‘The Day of The Great Snow’ and travelled from London and back, in one day, to come on the one-to-one radio presenter course. Leaving Euston at 05:47, he had over eight hours of training and was back in London by midnight.


Tony Catanzaro (‘The Jazz Tourist’) – Diverse FM Luton

David (tutor) has a wealth of knowledge, which is clearly demonstrated in the professional manner in which he easily communicates his vast knowledge & experience of the radio & broadcasting industry. The day enabled me to ask questions on the many facets of radio, from the use of the broadcasting management control system (Myriad), through to keeping listeners interested in one’s programme. Having been involved in radio for some time the opportunity to improve on one’s skills is unlimited. The Radio Surgery significantly added to my knowledge in both theoretical and practical terms, with many hints and tips. The whole day was very rewarding, culminating with much advice on possible progression routes. I would like to thank The Radio Surgery for a great learning experience.


Liam Hincks – Liverpool

My experience at The Radio Surgery has not only opened my eyes to the world of radio, but also taught me a great deal out how I can progress, and the work needed to do so. With the friendly service and tutoring, I would recommend this course to anyone who is keen to progress in radio.

Note: At 18, Liam is soon to leave college and gearing up for university. Although he isn’t looking to pursue a full-time career in radio (at this stage!), he is wanting to get his foot on the ladder. He was advised to contact The Radio Surgery by a member of Juice FM. So, a big thanks to them!


Adam Lewis – 103.6 FM Tameside Radio

Very impressed! David (my tutor) provided me with the confidence and expertise to go on and construct my own radio show; links, voice control (e.g. script reading), interviewing etc, in a professional and structured manner. I would definitely recommend The Radio Surgery to anyone with an interest in getting into radio, but who has no previous experience. Likewise, those people with industry experience, but looking to improve their skill sets and delivery.

Note: Adam is studying to become a doctor and also runs his own DJ business. He’s now a part of the 103.6 FM Tameside Radio team and in line for some on-air work. Many people hold down a full-time career and work in radio on a paid part-time, or voluntary, basis. Certainly, a CV that says you are a radio presenter, tells potential employees that you have good communication skills and personality. It could well make your CV stand out from the rest and land you that all important first interview!


Bill Clark – Barrow-in-Furness

I would just like to thank you very much for your radio training course. Not only did I find it very informative and useful, but I found you also to be a very friendly tutor who went out of his way to help me as much as possible. If at any time someone approaches me and wants to learn about radio presentation, then I will certainly recommend you.


Antony Payne – Bournemouth

Hi! I don’t suppose you remember me all that well? I attended The Radio Surgery course last year. Just to let you know that I have just been given my first full-time gig, presenting on Fire 107.6. Thanks for all your help during the course.


Shahzad Tabassum – 2BR

A very worthwhile course. It far exceeded my expectations! I soon moved onto presenting with RSLs and then full-time commercial radio.


Maritza Duncan – Glasgow

The Radio Surgery one day presentation course gave me practical experience and additional skills in radio presentation. This course is a great introduction for anyone considering a career in radio presentation.

Note: Maritza is now a regular presenter on Sunny Govan Radio and has interviewed a host of well known names!


Dave Taylor – Cheshire

This is to let you know that I’m now working for Cheshire FM… …I’d like to thank you for all your help during my day with you and I would recommend anyone who’s interested in a career in radio presenting to do the course.


Nik Gardner – Manchester

Having always had a real passion for radio, but with no experience in radio whatsoever, The Radio Surgery was perfect in giving me the platform to take my passion further. The whole day was an absolute pleasure and gave me a fantastic understanding of radio presenting and what path and guidance I need to take to be successful. The time flew by and I would really recommend this course to anyone with a natural passion and desire to work within radio.


Cal Sarwar – Falkirk

Cal Sarwar – Falkirk

I just want to thank you for a great day. The course was thoroughly enjoyable, well set out and easy to follow. Your no pressure approach was very refreshing to see and experience. I learned a lot in such a short time and I believe that it will be invaluable for years to come. Also, just to let you know that Awaz FM, in Glasgow, have offered me the breakfast show!


Rotem Talmar – Lancaster

As someone with no radio experience, I found your course a good in-sight into what is looked for by today’s radio stations. The day taught me new skills and was a great experience. Good fun! I never realised how many buttons you had to press, as well as talk!

Note: Rotem has a degree in Sports Studies and English Literature under her belt and is looking at sports radio work. We easily adapted the course, to include sports bulletin scripts, together with a sports bulletin ‘bed’, donated by one of our nearby local radio stations.


Martin Reynolds – Cheshire

This one day course is pretty unique and with the tutor having had a hand in setting up 2BR, in East Lancashire, he is in a good position to give advice on the latest broadcasting techniques. I found the day very positive and learned a lot. The tutor gave honest feedback… very important. I have now been taken on, as a trainee, by Flame Christian Community Radio, and I am very happy there. Thanks a million!


Sarah Groarke – Cheshire

A comprehensive introduction to both the technical and stylistic aspects of radio presentation. An excellent day’s course, with clear and constructive advice, geared towards my individual requirements. Highly recommended.


Tony Thomas – Chorley FM

The course was very informative and a good in-sight into the radio industry. It has most definitely helped me to head in the right direction and to understand the various skills required to become a successful radio presenter. A day very well spent!


George Halsall (‘Triple H’) – Southport Community Radio

Anyone considering a Restricted Service Licence (RSL) should make The Radio Surgery their first port of call. The knowledge you receive is invaluable. Show prep and the operation of the playout system were just some of the areas where I picked up valuable skills.

Note: We spent a very pleasant 11 hours with George. Not just working through the radio presenter course, but discussing the radio industry in depth. When we say, our time is yours, we really mean it! We don’t hit 5pm and say, “that’s it, go home now”! It’s what makes us stand out from other UK radio training providers. Think of us as a well equipped, friendly, B&B, as opposed to a large, formal, hotel!