Many people aspire to becoming a radio presenter, or radio DJ. For some, the first step is to work on hospital radio, and leave it at that. Others are more ambitious and want to go further. Our radio broadcasting courses can help you, whatever your current skill level. Our one-to-one presenter sessions operate more as a radio presenter training workshop… working at your pace and tailoring the course to suit your requirements. We spent eleven hours, in one day, with one client. You pay just one price and our time is yours. Few other radio training providers offer this service!

Plus! We offer a host of other services… From show appraisal to radio demo production and digital editing training!

Don’t look through rose-tinted glasses… working in radio can have its pit-falls. You are only as good as your last performance, or how well you get on with your station manager. It’s a bit like football! But with the right skills, you are in a better position to get employment… and keep it.

We can show you the path that is right for you. Whether you have no radio experience, or just want to enhance your broadcasting skills.

It may be that you aren’t looking for a full-time job in radio. Rather, you’re happy to present at weekends and hold down full-time employment during the week. Many in the radio industry do just that, so you wouldn’t be alone.

Our radio broadcasting courses use the P Squared Myriad computer playout system. Used by many radio stations across the UK. It’s a user-friendly system and great to use! Check it out at

To invest in one of our courses would be your first step to achieving your goal.

We are happy to correspond with you by email, after the course, to give you further advice down the road, at no additional fee. Plus, we like to hear of clients’ success!

If travelling in one day is a problem, take a look at our Accommodation page.

Our radio broadcasting courses are available to clients aged 18 and over.

We look forward to meeting you!